Some Sundays the only space I see is the 627-square feet I call my home.  I stopped going to church for the most part several years ago and now my religion is meditation through food.  So once my “church” (Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning) gets over at 9:30 am, the rest of the day is about food.  Nothing is more important than chopping vegetables, kneading dough, making cookies, and doing dishes (well maybe the latter isn’t always a priority).  I can make anything on Sundays since I have all day and there are no worries about throwing together a quick meal, getting home late, or being too exhausted to be excited about what is for dinner.  My task for the day generally is to make dinner for Sunday, which hopefully has leftovers for part of the following week, to cook another meal for eating later in the week, and to bake cookies or another treat requested by the hubby.  Sometimes I accomplish a lot, sometimes I focus my attention on perfecting a specific skill or recipe.  Either way, I spend the whole day in the kitchen.

While all this kitchen activity is beneficial for our bellies and helps the rest of the week go more smoothly, it is especially important for me.  I am able to block out what tasks are waiting for me in the week to come and quite my mind for a few hours.  I look forward to this time, I need this time.

I anticipate many recipes that I share with you will be created on Sundays and I welcome you to my table.  Here is a look at what was brewing this weekend.

“No yoga exercise, no meditation in a chapel filled with music will rid you of your blues better than the humble task of making your own bread.” – M.F.K. Fisher