It’s day three of our journey toward the perfect loaf of bread and the starter is going marvelously.  After three days of sitting on my kitchen counter the starter has bubbled and swelled and smells like stinky cheese (this is a good thing according to the instructions).

Next, we begin the process of feeding the starter.  Today I discarded 80% of my starter and fed it with equal parts the 50/50 flour mixture and water.  I will repeat this discarding and feeding every 24 hours until the volume of the starter begins to increase more quickly after feeding (it will collapse as the day’s cycle winds down as well) and the aroma changes from stinky to sweet after feeding (good thing smell is my strongest sense).  Once a predictable pattern is established, we will be ready to begin preparing the dough for the bread!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  There are lots of recipes I am hoping to try out and I will share some of them with you. Cheers!