I just got back from a great weekend in Kansas City, Missouri, one of my favorite places.  Most of my family and some of my dearest friends live there; when I visit I am running to meet one person after another so I do not miss the opportunity to see someone.  This trip was no exception and I used every available second to see my favorite Missouri folk and visit my favorite KC spots.

– Saturday, my grandma and I visited The City Market, one of the best farmer’s markets I have been too.  It was a beautiful morning and so was the produce.  This is a great time of year to be shopping at this market because there was still late summer crops like okra, peppers, tomatoes, and green beans yet winter squash, apples, pears, and chestnuts where plentiful as well.  Unfortunately, I could not buy all this wonderful produce, but I did get 5 whole nutmeg for $1.00 (how is that even possible!?).

– I had a wonderful breakfast with one of my favorite families and saw my college roomie, Janna.  My friend Melanie made some great cinnamon rolls, gotta love anything homemade.  Later, I had a nice lunch with my mother-in-law.  It was great to catch-up!

– Saturday night, I saw my other set of grandparents and went to a cute little dinner theatre where we saw the most spectacular sunset.

– Sunday, I had a wonderful visit with my friend and fellow lover-of-food-and-all-things-fabulous, Corie.  She was so sweet and remembered my mortar and pestle-lessness and brought me one!  Now I can perfect my salad dressings and pestos!

– Sunday evening, the aforementioned, Kristy, came in from Columbia and we had a great dinner at Avenue Bistro with my grandma.  Then we eagerly did some brainstorming for our May 2011 Switzerland/Italy trip and for our, look for us in about 5-10 years, restaurant.

-Monday, Kristy and I had a yummy breakfast at my traditional KC breakfast spot, eggtc., then headed to Loose Park and the Plaza to practice our photography on the beautiful fall foliage.

It was a perfect weekend.  Thank you to everyone who took some time to see me and eat with me!  I miss everyone already.