Hi All,

I have been working a lot at the grocery store lately and boy have we been busy preparing for Thanksgiving, so sorry I have been a little absent.  I have been learning a lot too!  I am now a pro at unmolding, icing, and evenly cutting huge pans of brownies, can successfully make two gallons of pastry cream and 12 quarts of chocolate ganache (it uses 22 lbs of chocolate) from scratch, making large trays of homemade baklava, assemble eclairs and napoleans, finish turtle cheesecakes and raspberry truffles, and have made a 10-pound strawberry parfait for some “rapper”…needless to say my responsibilities are growing.  I love it!!  And I am proud that my name now appears on the “to-do” list prepared by the pastry chef.

Biggest observation so far:  people do not plan ahead!  How long have you known about your child’s birthday?  That’s right, 365 days.  So I am sorry that their party is today and we are unable to magically produce a giant Dora the Explorer cake… Enough said.

On another note, I hope some of you out there watch CBS Sunday Morning.  This TV news magazine is near and dear to my heart and I get a little sad if I miss it.  Typically full of current events, interviews with interesting people, history, comedy, and editorials, Sunday Morning is a quality show with quality information.  Charles Osgood is like a teddy bear I want to squeeze as well.

Once a year, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Sunday Morning does a “Food Issue”.  I am a nerd and look forward to this every year.  Visit their website to see this year’s stories.

Here are some of the highlights from this year:

-The history of dieting in America:  It goes back to WWI when Americans were asked to live on less.

-Pasta:  They visited a pasta factory in Italy that makes their pasta with a machine made of pure gold machine that took 4 years to build.  Makes me super excited for my upcoming Italy trip.

-Breakfast vs. Brunch:  Mo Rocca explored the differences between the two and he visited 3 Houston restaurants – The Telwink Grill, RDG, and The Backstreet Cafe.

-Pumpkin:  Bobby Flay discussed his obsession with using pumpkin in recipes and how ironic it is that pumpkin is usually not what we taste in these dishes, its the spices and other ingredients we cook with it.

-Vienna Vegetable Orchestra:  That’s right!  This orchestra uses only vegetables to make their music.  They make new instruments before each show and go through roughly 70 lbs of vegetables during each performance.

-The Importance of Po’ Boys:  Bill Geist visited New Orleans and discussed the endangered species that is the Po’ Boy and the fight to maintain the existence of this sandwich post hurricane Katrina.

– A discussion on the history of pretzels in the U.S. and pairing them with beer.

Ah…I love that show!

I am gearing up for a bunch of baking at work and at home this week, so I will be seeing you soon!

Here is my favorite picture from the weekend.  Cami really enjoyed her grandpa’s waffles!