I was alone in the kitchen at work today.  All the mixer boyz and pastry chefs had too much overtime and were forced to leave early this morning so I ruled the roost.

Besides being interrupted by two all-out battles with the deep freeze, I was left alone to work.  Despite a long to-do list, it was peaceful and nice to not have to fight for table space and scale time.

My company was the roaring of the oven, the heat radiating from the gas stove, and the sharp sounds of my knife against my stainless steel table.

I took the chance to take a few shots of some of my pastry babies.  I am sure my coworkers would not be amused if I did this while they were busy working, so enjoy this rare little peak into my world.

By Christmas day I will have worked nine days in a row.  To be honest, I am a little scared of the madness of the week to come, so I was happy for the gift of this quiet day.  The calm before the storm.

If I am too busy to post again:  Merry Christmas and Happy Feastings!