Friends, family, and food.  That pretty much sums-up the past week for me, especially the food part.

I worked about 50 hours at the bakery last week, so needless to say I am exhausted…in a good way.  Yes, I am very glad that the store is not typically this busy (we triple our sales the week of Christmas), but it was a good experience and tested my ability to work crazy hours and pack in as much baking as possible in that time.

This was my to-do list for Thursday (I was filling all of the Christmas Eve orders).

It took twelve hours….

By the end of the week I had a collection of burns, cuts, bruises, and very sore biceps, but despite the pain, hours, pay, and nut-so (I mean you have no idea) customers, I feel more accomplished than I ever have.  That is probably the best Christmas present of all and a great way to end a year that has been full of frustration, confusion, and change in my professional life.

It was an accomplishment for me to stay awake long enough to cook Christmas dinner (of course I wouldn’t let anyone else be in charge), so I did not take any pictures of the meal (sorry).  What a fabulous meal it was though and hopefully you will see some of the recipes in the near future!

We had friends and family over for Christmas.  It was a relaxing day.  Enjoy the pictures of our celebration.

Pure excitement!

Pretty presents and Cami’s annual Christmas craft.

Cami made sure the table was set for our traditional biscuits and gravy Christmas breakfast.

Cowboy Santa (ahem…my dad) came to visit bearing a top from Sweden!

My dad and grandpa are pretty much the most creative people ever!  They made me this beautiful mortar and pestle.  Such a special gift.

I’m gonna be reading until next Christmas!  So excited!

It was a big day for the Dulce dog.  She is still sleeping it off.

Now that I have recuperated a bit, I am getting some recipes ready to share with you.  See you soon!