Happy Saturday Dear Readers!  I can’t believe it, but this little blog has been running for almost six months!  It has been fun sharing what comes out of my oven each week and I hope I can continue to do this and further expand my own culinary bounds.  I have truly enjoyed hearing from friends, family, as well as strangers and fellow food bloggers.  I hope that you have been inspired by a recipe or story and nothing makes me happier than hearing that one of you has tried one of the featured recipes.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or recipe recommendations feel free to email me at lafetedeemily [at] gmail [dot] com.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I have also spent the past six months falling in love with my new job and am now officially full-time!  It was nice to recuperate and reenergize, but it’s now time to reenter society and put in my 40 hours.  Plus, my job is so fun it hardly feels like work (they didn’t have to try to hard to get me to come on full time).  This extra work may mean my blog won’t be updated quite as frequently, but I promise to keep things moving.

I got inspiration from two very different places this week and wanted to share them with you.

Since starting my new job, I had noticed that one of the Salvadorian ladies I work with occasionally brings a big bag to work and dispenses its contents to other coworkers.  I had not idea what it was but I assumed it was either some Latin American food, remedy, or cosmetic, who knew… All I knew is that she had very regular customers getting their fix of what she sold, but I was reluctant to pry since I didn’t know her very well.

Last week, I was enjoying lunch on the outdoor patio at work and I saw a line of my coworkers trek out to the parking lot to meet her at her car and get their goods from her trunk.  Curiosity boiled over and I finally asked one of the guys I work with what she was selling and got the wonderful answer of “pupusas“.  Pupusas, a traditional Salvadorian food, are round pockets of masa dough touting simple fillings of finely ground meats, cheese, or beans.

What!  How have I been missing out on these all this time? Next time I saw her I promptly placed my order for her next delivery.  Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go on my lunch break, I was given “the news” that my coworker was in the parking lot with the pupusas.  Five dollars later, I had a bag full of five steaming pupusas, curdito, and hot sauce.  Perfect timing.  I was supposed to save them for dinner, but only two ended making it home to Brian.

I am always inspired by simple food like pupusas.  Few things leave me more satisfied or in love with food than dishes that are homemade, contain few ingredients, and have deep roots in a culture.  Now I’m hooked and I already know I am going to need a weekly pupusa fix.

On the complete opposite culinary spectrum, is a documentary called Kings of Pastry that I had the pleasure of watching this week.  The film follows sixteen pastry chefs participating the grueling Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France).  This three-day competition only takes place every four years, only 16 finalists are asked to compete, and only a handful of the competitors are awarded this most prestigious of titles.

I think I held my breath the entire movie and was completely blown away by the amount of patience, dedication, creativity, and utter love these chefs have for their work.  The major component of this competition involves building immense sugar and chocolate sculptures that can collapse with one wrong move, and many of them did, in the last minutes of the competition…can you say stress!?

While my culinary style is more homey and rustic than spectacular pulled sugar, it is inspiring to witness other people’s passion for food and this documentary makes me want to challenge myself even more.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and give your kitchens some love.