I am a hardcore “flexetarian” and beans and veggies often fill my plate instead of meat and potatoes.  I could go on and on about how we should all eat this way…blah…blah…blah!  And we should, but I will spare you (for today).

Despite my attraction to a plant-based diet, by the end of some days all I want is a big ol’ burger.

Lately at work, there has been a multitude of new goodies to sample – chipotle brownies, a whole new line of muffins, verrines, as well as some vegan cakes that are in the testing process.  Many days I am sugared out by the time I get home and my palate is begging for salt.  Such was this week, so Brian and I decided to try a burger joint that was on our restaurant “to-do” list.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn is the epitome of “hole in the wall”; it’s in the middle of nowhere (in Houston terms), has a gravel parking lot, small interior, mismatched furniture, and walls littered with pictures of patrons that have defeated their Big Ass Challenge.  The menu contains the typical burger house staples of hamburgers, hotdogs, wings, fries, tots, onion rings, and shakes, which was just what I wanted.   We both got a cheeseburger with a side of tots (because if there is tots on the menu you have to get them) and agreed that it was a wonderful basket of food.  The burger had great flavor without being too greasy, the bun was perfectly toasted, the tater tots were hot and crunchy, and the portion of both the burger and tots was just right.

Yes, burgers are simple, but for me, a great burger is hard to beat.  The Itty Bitty burger has now been added to my list of favorite burgers in Houston.  Here are my others:

– The Lola Burger at Lola: 1102 Yale St., Houston, TX

– The Boss Burger at Zelko Bistro. A huge gourmet burger boasting cheese and bacon and a healthy dose of truffled french fries:  705 E. 11th St., Houston, TX.*

Someburger Hamburger Stand.  The onion rings and no-nonsense counter lady make this a Heights staple.  745 E. 11th St, Houston, TX

Ruggles Green.  Delicious and healthy turkey burgers, buffalo burgers, veggie nut burgers, and the best sweet potato fries.  All certified organic to boot!: 2311 West Alabama, Houston, TX

– The Beaver Nut Burger at Beaver’s. Vegetarian’s rejoice!   Brown rice and nuts come together to make my favorite veggie burger: 2310 Decatur St., Houston, TX.*

– For a fresh, local, fast-food burger experience, skip McDonald’s and head to Beck’s Prime.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn:  5503 Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX*

And don’t forget your veggies the rest of the day.

*Look for Zelko Bistro, Beaver’s, and The Little Bitty Burger Barn on the Food Network’s Meat and Potatoes series.